Thursday, April 15, 2010

It Looks Fun, Okay?

In a shocking turn of events tonight, Ian The Pontificator will have blogged twice in one day, during this, the busiest time of the year.

The reason I'm writing this time is because of a new video I have only recently been seeing. (If that last bit sounds clunky stylistically, I'm not surprised. It's a seldom-used verb form that I was trying to see if I could use. And I did.)

Also, that last bit there didn't make sense. Anyway...

Now, a word of apology (not saying "I'm sorry", but defending myself): I realize this movie will not be great art. I realize it will win no awards for acting or directing or even cinematography. It will be in 3D, which is often the kiss of death nowadays, it seems. It will have Milla "Whiner" Jovovich, who of course HAS to be in it, but I sure wish she weren't. It will be a monster-fest, of course, and the filmmakers look to be making it more action-y than horror-y.

I hope this will be a tight film, I hope Jovovich will a) get her act together or b) just stop, I hope it still won't be in 3D, I hope they have fewer boss-monsters, and I hope there will be a return to the small-budget fun horror flick-feel that RE 1 had (and RE 2 had, in vastly diminished qualities). But I've hoped before, and my hopes are often in vain.

I won't even get into the whole CGI vs. prosthetics debate.

I still will go see this movie, because the Resident Evil franchise is the definitive, best, and most successful videogame-movie franchise. And I'll still go see it, because the RE movies are always fun. But they're losing me. This is the last one I'll give them the benefit of the doubt on. If Afterlife fails, I give up.

Long live guilty pleasures!

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