Thursday, April 19, 2012

"A Massive Man"

Don't worry, dear readers, I have decided to pontificate, for a change.

I think Ian Fleming, creator of the James Bond universe, had an inferiority complex about his height.

Fact: many of James Bond's nemeses are described as large--either tall, or bulky, or both. (CF: Blofeld, Dr. No, Hugo Drax.)

Fact: Fleming was 5'8".

Fact: many of Bond's experiences, characteristics, and habits are lifted from Fleming's own.

Fact: Bond's triumphs over his larger-than-life enemies are usually victories of mind over matter. James Bond outwits rather than overpowers.

My speculative conclusion: Fleming was, to a certain extent, self-conscious about his height, so he repeatedly gave his avatar-character an opportunity to defeat larger, more physically-powerful adversaries.

Maybe I'm full of it.

Long live speculation!

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