Tuesday, February 3, 2009

A Ver' Disturbing Experience

So...I just tried to go to sleep, and it didn't happen. I could not sleep. I mean, I'm tired, but the sleep just would not come. Mysterious.

In other news, School (with a capital S, in case you didn't notice) is ver' busy right about now, which explains without excusing the lack of blogposts of late. I am Pontificating, Pontificating busily, but I'm Pontificating in class. Therefore, if you have become addicted to my Pontifications, you should attend my classes.

Speaking of classes, I'm delightfully over-loaded this semester. After tonight, I'll be doing a grand total of 22 credit-hours, although only 18 of those are for credit, the other 4 being audit. This raises the question "Why audit?" Quite apart from the financial considerations, it is a legitimate question: why should one audit a class when one can expend nearly the same amount of effort on it and get a grade? For me, School (again with the capital S) is as much about Learning and Preparation For The Outside World as it is about getting grades and gradiation. And yes, I know I just mis-spelled "graduation." I plan on doing well in School, of course, and I also plan on doing well in my career, if I live that long. Auditing therefore is an integral part of how I'm going to be functioning.

That did not make much sense. Perhaps I'm losing my blogging touch. Perhaps I should read the selections for tomorrow's The Lord of the Rings and Philosophy class. Perhaps I should try to sleep again.

Long live decision-making!

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