Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Some More Links. I Really Need To Work On Being Creative With My Post Titles

This is becoming enjoyable. And I've given you imaginary readers THREE--count 'em, Three--pontification-filled posts within the last 48 hours (I think), so I'm due a bit of Lazy Down Time.

Fun for its own sake. Also, what sort of message is the designer of this gimmick attempting to send? That it's okay to screw around with animals' DNA? I'm mystified. Also, designing this...whatever it is...interesting math-wise. By my calculations, there are 45 different options...Eh? True? or False? (Math Geeks, this is directed at You.)

Ready to be freaked out? Actually, I don't care what you're ready for, because you don't exist. So check out this awesome site. It makes me just a bit scared...just a bit. THE COMPUTERS IS READING MY MINDS!

Humor, my friends, is a good thing to have. However, too much can cause Problems. Like,, just stop bothering me and check This One out. If you don't laugh, you're probably dead. Or sleeping. Which raises the question: why are you dead and reading my blog? Did my blog kill you? or, perhaps, a different question: why are you asleep and reading my blog? Did my blog kill you?

Finally, a sobering reminder about the dangers of bread. Considering it seriously, though, it's a comment on how statistics can be made to say pretty much anything. Pity, really.

Okay, that's all. No more links for you tonight!

Long live posterity!

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