Saturday, January 16, 2010

It's A Conspiracy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm watching the Arizona-New Orleans game on TV, and I think there's a conspiracy against me. The NFL is reading my blog and deliberately fixing games so as to make me wrong. Whatever. I just need to remember to NEVER, NEVER take up betting on football, because my hunches are horrible.

(Alliteration all up in there.)

In other news, the Pants on the Ground phenomenon is quickly becoming this year's Big Thing--maybe like the rickroll, but less evil and vicious. For those who don't know, the final act of the Atlanta edition of the American Idol auditions was a 62-year-old man singing a song of his own composition called "Pants on the Ground." The audition performance itself was hilarious enough, as the video below proves.

But there's more! I was cruising Hulu today, and I found this if-possible-even-more-hilarious Attack of the Show "Pants on the Ground PSA". Win, I believe.

So...yeah. That's all. I now have to decide: do I keep randomly Hulu-ing, or do I go back to watching my predictions be destroyed by Roger Goodell's Evil Empire, Ltd.?

Long live decision-making!

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