Thursday, May 19, 2011

The Facebook Conspiracy

We all know that certain websites track web activity.

That's a pretty broad statement. It's also a pretty unsupported statement.


This link is actual legit truthful words about widgets and things.

Now that you've read it, raise your hand if you're scared about a Web conspiracy. (To clarify, the descriptions of most Web conspiracies involve the words "harvesting data," "tracking use," "widgets," "massive databases," "evil empire," and "Arnold Schwarzenegger.")

The plain truth is that Google is not going to try to take over the world. Neither is Facebook training armies in Malaysia. Neither is Twitter busy killing space-puppies on Mars.

Why do they harvest info? It's this thing called market research. It's the attempt by companies to understand what their users use, and why those users use what they use. It's not a conspiracy; it's capitalism.

So maybe Twitter will sell your surfing history to They're not trying to achieve world domination. They're just trying to turn a buck.

Long live impatience!

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