Monday, January 23, 2012


Hey guys, check this out!

My buddy @GrecianDelight_ is one of the smartest chefs I know. He's very--in the moment, I guess you could say. Despite his sometimes-terrible spelling, he's a pretty sharp guy.

And now he's opened a blog over at, where apparently he'll be passing on little schniblets of knowledge about baking, cooking, basting, sauteeing, and occasionally animal husbandry. (I made one of those up.) (Yep, you caught me, he doesn't know jack about basting.)

So I'd encourage all of you to check out his inaugural post, available here. Some interesting factoids, and I actually chuckled a few times.

Long live circles! (Not the Google+ kind,, I've gone and ruined the effect of my sign-off once again.)


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