Thursday, January 19, 2012

I Really Admire My Brother

He's 17. I think...yeah. Turning 17 this year.

And he's a really smart kid.

Now, I'm a bit older, and I know it's kind of--not done for the older brother to say stuff like this, but I really do admire my younger brother.

He and I exchanged emails this week. He mentioned Lionsgate Studios negatively, and I asked why. Here's his response:

Ahh, well, technically there isn’t anything wrong with Lionsgate, they make some really good movies...but their logo is really annoying. None of the gears match up to the other gears they are supposed to be turning!

He's referring to this:

Now, I don't think he's entirely correct: I think I see at least two sets of gears that actually do turn other gears. But examining it closely, I do see the source of his frustration: it's a facade.

Perhaps I'm tetched in the head, overwhelmed by positive familial bias, but what kind of 17-year-old notices something like that? I certainly didn't. He's a smart kid. Should be an engineer or something.

Long live family ties.

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