Tuesday, March 16, 2010

The Overflowing Wellspring

Sounds sci-fi and cool, don't it?

Yeah, it do.

So after the gigantic stretch-run of a post that was my most recent entry into the Alice in Wonderland miniseries, my muse turned to lighter issues. So here they are. They're not hard to think about or even necessarily relevant, but I want to get them down on...

...see, that's part of the problem with the disappearing of paper. It's harder to say "get them down on paper" because these thoughts may never be on paper. Weird.


So I'm a ginger ale fan, and I picked up some Canada Dry while I was at home. Canada Dry is NOT my favorite ginger ale--that spot belongs to Vernors--but I couldn't find Vernors this time, so I went with what is, in my opinion, a far-distant second best in terms of quality, taste, and body.


It seems I'm actually a dry ale fan rather than a golden ale fan. Vernors and other small, regional ginger ales are "dry", which means that they have heavier carbonation and sharper, more nuanced, fuller flavoring. Seagrams, Canada Dry, and Schweppes are all members of the infinitely inferior "golden" variety, which is weaker, sweeter, less carbonated, and generally much more wimpy and soft.


The other point I need to raise is my admiration for the concept of keylogging. I know it's kinda...not too smart...for me to say that I like the idea of keylogging, considering the fact that keylogging is a nice way to steal information, which is wrong and also a crime. But seriously! It's so simple. If you want to find out, foolproof, what someone is typing, and where they're typing it, you can either keep track of what keys they type, via keylogging, or you can stand over their shoulder and watch them.


And, of course, dangerous, criminal, and wrong. But so, so brilliant.

Okay, I'm done. Peace out, yo.

Long live fountains of inspiration!

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