Friday, February 5, 2010

Fine. Whatever.

My agent keeps telling me that I need to satisfy expectations and the masses by posting my Super Bowl prediction.

Now, my agent knows best, so I suppose I need to listen to him. Fine. Whatever.

Colts win.

I don't know what the game will be like. I don't know what the score will be. Even more surprising, I don't want to guess what the game will be like or what the score will be.

I believe the word...apathy...yeah, that about covers it. I mean, w00t w00t for the Saints, getting to what I think is their first SB (I'm so apathetic that I'm not even going to look it up, though.) And w00t w00t for ol' Peyt, hopefully winning his second SB and surpassing Brent Favre in THAT statistic, at least. But frankly? I don't really care.

I mean, at this point in the playoffs I'm so desensitized--so heartbroken--so scarred from having made SO MANY WRONG PICKS, DANG IT, that I really don't care any more. What complicates this is that I don't absolutely love or virulently hate either team.

Of course, if I do watch the game, I will pick a side, subconsciously. This happened last year. Last year, I didn't really care. I mean, here's what I could have said last year: "w00t w00t for Arizona finally getting to the SB. w00t w00t for Pittsburgh hopefully winning their sixth Lombardi. But frankly? I don't really care."

I could have said that last year, because that was what I was thinking. But then I watched the game and found myself rooting for Arizona, all of a sudden. Weird.

I'm not even sure I'll watch the game, but...for what it's worth, I'm picking the Colts to win.

Which, with my luck, means that the Saints will win.

Also, xkcd:
Long live apathy!

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