Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Baseball Games Do The Strangest Things

When I was little, one of my favorite books was a picture book called Animals Do The Strangest Things. It was all about crazy animals and the crazy things they did: I wore that book out. IT was one of my favorites.

Soooooo...I'm thinking about writing a sequel, only for older audiences, and about baseball rather than animals. It'd be called Baseball Games Do The Strangest Things. Here's a link to illustrate my point.

Aaaaand here's another one. To understand this one, you need to understand that a few days ago, the Twins (may they rot in Hell) whooped these ChiSox 20-1. So, what do the skidding ChiSox do? Only go and clobber the L.A. Angels 17-3. And this makes sense how?

Long live America's Pastime!

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