Thursday, May 28, 2009

Ian Is Hooked On Finding Weird Links

I'm sorry, people. What can I say? This is way too much fun. The Internets is a good place to find crazy stuff.

We all know just how important studying is. We all know that sometimes, Other Things can interfere with our study time. So why not invent--or reinvent--an ancient device for keeping people in one place? Like...the ball-and-chain. No, seriously.

For all you Bikers (meaning bicyclists, not motorcycle fanatics) out there, Mom now has a way to track where you rode...guess this innovation means you'll pray for more rain.

Gamers beware: real-world stuff can happen in your MMOGs. Real-world stuff, as in epidemics. Actually it's fascinating even for a non-gamer like me.

At least British soldiers will be protected from stray bullets. As they say, give a man a duck and you'll feed him for a day. Teach a man to duck and he'll be able to dodge gunfire for a lifetime.

Finally, a rather sobering (and disturbingly sensible) speculation about death. Creeeeeepy!

Long live teh internets!

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