Wednesday, May 20, 2009

A-Cruisin' of the Internets

It seems that successful bloggers are the ones who can find random and awesome videos, pictures, articles, and other electronic things online. Well, far be it from me to avoid copycatting, so I found y'all some Media and stuff to check out.

First, something from SNL. And let me preface this--or rather, since these words are coming after the link, let me epilogue this by saying that I don't condone everything SNL does, but this is pretty funny.

Second, a whole website for you website-lovers. Engrish first leapt onto the scene with Zero Wing's famous cutscene dialogue "All your base are belong to us." Since then, the collection and documentation of Engrish has become a widespread and hilarious practice.

Finally, proof that racism is really dead. Ah, those Eckspanics.

Long live laziness!

(A little alliteration there.)


Long live laziness!

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