Sunday, May 17, 2009

Brief Thoughts. Yes, I Said Brief. Meaning, Not Long.

A few brief points before The Great Divorce closes this afternoon at 3:

1. I'm watching a Yanks-Twins game on TBS. Who should I root for? The Yankees are evil and the Twins are evil. Gah!

2. Why does TBS have baseball in its programming? For that matter, why does USA have tennis and the Westminster Kennel Show? Actually, let's go back to the first question--it's more puzzling. USA is more eclectic, but TBS is pretty much comedy.

3. At the restaurant last night--Fishbones in Pewaukee--the waitress brought everyone strings of beads with our drinks, to "get the party started," as she said. Seriously? You think cheap plastic beads are going to snap 4 middle-aged men into a Party? Good griffin.

4. I really really need to post my thoughts on Into the Woods: it was a great show. But I have a Facebook message to compose, and pizza to expect that review later, you figments of my authorial imagination.

Long live long lists!


Neil W. said...

Heathen! How dare you call the Twins evil.

Ian the Pontificator said...

the twins is evil.

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