Monday, January 5, 2009

Humiliation, Rejoicing, Condescension, Procrastination, and Other Uninformed Opinions

I have a play to read. Therefore, I am going to try to keep this post brief, though of course you know how that goes. Yes, you. I did just address my readers in the second person. I think that's against the rules of blogging...I'm not for sure, because I'm new at this kind of thing, but in my limited experience of blogs, the second person doesn't happen too often.

There, see? I'm rambling. I pledged I wouldn't ramble. Blast it.

Ahem. Onward! Humiliation, Rejoicing, Condescension, Procrastination...the other Uninformed Opinions are going to have to make their own way.

First, above all, I think the words "warp the very fabric of" should be outlawed from science fiction.

Ahem, again. Humiliation: it is the middle name of the Big Ten. The Big Humiliation Ten. At least when it comes to football. Yes, I just did finish watching the Fiesta Bowl. And yes, I was Texas' #1 fan. And yes, I hate the guts of the Ohio State University, whether it be in football, basketball, wiffleball, or lacrosse.

That's where the Rejoicing comes in. Because for the last three years the Ohio State University has lost its bowl game. Because for the last three years the Ohio State University has been humiliated on a national stage. Because the Ohio State University had no business losing tonight's game. Are you kidding me? First, they waste a good defensive effort in the first half, settling for field goals three times. Then, they fail on two separate occasions to convert on 2-point conversions, missing out on 4 points which would have won the game for them. Finally, they give up a game-winning touchdown drive. Pathetic. Now were I a Big Ten supporter, I would be crying my eyes out and in denial. Since I'm not--in fact, since I'm a SEC supporter--I am laughing my head off.

Condescension. I'm not sure what exactly I was going to say about this one...ah, yes. A link. Heh heh. I really like xkcd, but this is one of the best.

Procrastination--I've accomplished that fairly well, I think. After all, it is midnight, and I have yet to begin reading Timon of Athens, which must be read before tomorrow morning at 8.30.

Long live great college bowl games!

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Hannah J said...

Second person is quite within the rules. And I DIDN'T mean that you have to blog for two full years before you're considered a blogger. This will have to be dealt with in person, I'm afraid...

Have fun during Winterim. I wish I were there.

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