Sunday, January 18, 2009


Here's a question: as I sit here watching these historically chokey and cursed Cardinals (how's about that for some alliteration?) try to make their first Super Bowl Ever (the ever should be capitalized; just roll with it), I wonder what will happen if they lose. Of course, those weird Iggles fans who are everywhere ("the greater good," anyone?) will be as close to joyful as they ever are, but what happens to the image of the Cards? If they lose, and since they're still ahead one can't write them off, they will have choked away a 24-6 halftime lead.

So: if the Cards lose, will they still be chokers/cursed? I can see both sides of the issue. Some would say, "Jinglepuffs, people, the Cardinals won two straight playoff games as underdogs. How can they still have the label of 'choker/cursed'?" Others, however, will say the opposite. Their spin will make just as much sense: "They were up by 18 points with the Super Bowl on the line! And they lose! Is that not the definition of choking?"

Now all this may be, and hopefully will be, moot, because I fervently hope the underdog (?) Cardinals pull this one out. But there's a whole quarter of football yet to play. Go Cards!

Oh, and long live Controversy! (Pronounced conTROVersy, not CONtroversy. I like the British pronunciation better.)

So yeah:

Long live Controversy!

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