Sunday, January 25, 2009

The Wrestler.. not a good movie. Don't go see it.
Okay, so I am uptight, provincial, moralistic, whatever. But the film's just nasty. Gratuitous gore, and the strip club scenes are way over the top. I realize the director was trying to make some comparisons between the wrestler, who's selling his body for the amusement of others, and the stripper, who's selling her body for the amusement of others. But still, the wrestler is the lead. Why, then, are we treated to only two fight scenes (the wrestler in his element) but five or six strip club scenes (the stripper in her element)?

And you know, I didn't really give the film a chance. Yes, I walked out. I really couldn't take all the Foulness any more, so I left. And for all I know, it improves. But this is yet another dent in the crown of The Critics, that elite group of snobs who tell us what's good and what's not. I have to admit, usually The Critics are able to spot really terrible movies, but I'm beginning to seriously distrust The Critics when they say a film's amazingly great.

The Wrestler does NOT have my vote for Best Picture.

Long live Independence of Thought!

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