Thursday, January 22, 2009

Laziness Is A Bad Thing

...And that, my imaginary friends, is the definition of a bland title. Titling my posts is the least of my worries right now. You know what is the greatest of my worries? Well, there're actually several, and I shall now proceed to List them, employing a List:

1. My continued inability to kick several habits. These include laziness, pride, poor priorities, deceit, and procrastination.

2. The fact that I will be missing the premiere of the new season of Burn Notice tonight. Normally this would not be among the greatest of my worries, but I could have used a period of relaxation.

3. Ambivalence of Opinion. This is quite worrying, because I now have encountered two entities about which my mind is not made up. Why worry about indecision? say you. Here's why: I usually have my opinions all set up and ready to go. This equivocation is not like me.

4. The fact that I missed the premiere of Lie To Me last night. Seriously: I was really looking forward to the show! And I forgot entirely it was premiering last night. GrrRRRrRRrRRRRrrrrrrrRRrRrRRRrRRRRrrRR.

5. *Fact Deleted, because of unkindness.*

6. The fact that that last sentence is not really true.

7. Planning surprise birthday parties for associates at wonderful restaurants, and then not being able to go to the party that I planned. See the last sentence of # 4.

However, in case you wanted to know, there are some things which are making me feel peaceful, which shall receive a numbered list of their own, using Roman numerals for variety:

I. The Scorpions. And AC/DC. And Metallica. Forget their antecedents and connotations: the bands have talent.

II. The fact that my memory project is over and done. And so is the paper, intended to accompany it. A definite relief right there.

III. The fact that this post is becoming an introspection instead of a philosophization. (Side note: if philosophization is not a word, it is.)

IV. The fact that this post is an illustration of its title. In other words, the post is illuminating and illustrating the title, not the other way around.

V. Magically getting two free cans of Pepsi.

VI. See # 7 from the previous list, oddly enough. (Don't try to understand it. Just roll with it.)

VII. The fact that I just helped a friend out. It was very very cool, the feeling.

VIII. The fact that there are more of the Relievers than the Stressers. Count 'em! 8 Relievers, 7 Stressers. That, my Amicis, is called Running Out The Clock.

Oh, and the two entities are and the play Third.

Long live Lists!

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