Tuesday, January 20, 2009

More! More!

Yes, yes, my adoring fans, I realize that you've hardly finished reading my last flight of fancy, but I just realized: I need to work on creating shorter and snappier titles for these flights. Here's the conundrum: I think it's funny when people attach overly long and detailed titles to insignificant works. However, I am a peculiar person, and what's funny to me is not necessarily funny to the next adoring fan.

Ahem. The point of this post, which is intended to be brief, by the way, is to detail some of my more Imposing titles. I realize I'm a n00b at blogging, but HEY! I do what I want!

When it doesn't break the rules, of course.

And it doesn't defy the laws of physics.

However, Bah. Neither of those are being broken or defied, so Here Goes!

I Would Laugh, If I Weren't Crying Inside

You Know You're Out of Things to Blog About When...

You Know You're Out of Things to Blog About When...(Part the Second)

The Best-Laid Plans of Mice and Men Gang Aft Agley

Charles Algernon Swinburne: Or, Ian The Pontificator Is Lazy

Humiliation, Rejoicing, Condescension, Procrastination, and Other Uninformed Opinions

Breaking the Curse, and Other Uninformed Opinions

The Silence of a Sunday Afternoon at Concordia

So there ya have it, Homeslices. Yes, I just called you homeslices. Because I can.

Long live the Internet!

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